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Apple Harvest Schedule
This is a guide to assist
you in knowing when
your favorite variety of
apples are ready for
harvest.  Dates are

Indicates that this
variety is available for
"Pick Your Own".  The
other varieties will be
available at the
approximate time,
already picked for you
in the farm stand.
Variety                             Approximate Ready Date

Paula Red                                                Late August                   
Ginger Gold                                             Late August

Gravenstein                                              Late August

*McIntosh                                             Early September

*Cortland                                               Mid September

Honey Crisp                                           Mid September

*Macoun                                               Late September

Pome Grise                                           Late September

Jonathon                                               Late September

*Gala                                                    Late September

Empire                                                    Early October

*Red Delicious                                        Early October

Hampshire                                               Early October

Golden Delicious                                     Mid October

Northern Spy                                          Mid October

*Crispin                                                 Late October

*Fuji                                                      Late October

Baldwin                                                  Late October

Russett                                                    Late October

Hudsons Golden Gem                             Late October

Calville dBlanc                                        Late October

Tomkins County King                             Late October

Esopus Spitzenburg                                 Late October

Lady Apples                                           Late October